Inspired and got the ideas from another artist. 🙂




Back when I was a child, I always get giddy when I see horses and wanted to have one. I even wanted to learn horse riding and train to become a good jockey. Daydreaming of becoming a professional horse rider and competing in some races or steeplechases is what I do everytime I see horses. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed day dreaming. ☺

Now, everytime I remember that I never failed to smile. I know it was a dream that never came true but you know what, for me daydreaming helped me became more optimistic and hopeful in facing my life in reality. That’s why until now I daydream when I can (when I can because I am busy with my girls and hubby all the time). ☺ It’s one of the things I do sometimes. It’s weird but I don’t care. Daydreaming always cheer me up and giving me hope and positive thoughts.

Anyways, I still want to have a horse but a bit different. I want a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead. You know what I mean?

I want a unicorn. 🦄

How I wish there’s one. 😁

Before I end this, let me ask you.

Do you daydream too? ☺





Kalesa also known as caritela or karitela is a horse-drawn calash used in the Philippines as one mode of transportation. It was  introduced to the Philippines by Spanish colonizers in the 18th century and was initially reserved for only nobles and high-ranking civic officials.

You can see a lot of ‘kalesa’ in the tourist-frequented areas of old cities and some rural areas.

Took this photo during our holiday in Philippines. 🙂


‘A part of me’



Everytime I read or heard the word Amsterdam, it reminds me of love and friendship.

Love and friendship that it all started here.

A small city with a big heart.

Love and friendship that made me whole and a better me.

Love and friendship that made me strong and tough in my weakest times.

Love and friendship that made me think positively in my most unfavorable days.

Love and friendship that helped me survived a year of being homesick.

Love and friendship that lifted me up in times of sadness and hurt.

Love and friendship that brought everything into place.

And thank God for everything, for finding love and friendship in Amsterdam. ♥


Took this photo near the central station. Can you guess the street? 🙂