Educational Posters


As a stay-at-home Mum, every single day I always think of what activities or things should I give to my kids that will make their day extra fun while learning at the same time. With their age, one and two, I can’t give them something like board games to play with or a tablet to watch cartoons all day. So I was thinking to find educational posters. Almost 2 months of looking or finding for those posters where I can stick to the walls so my kids can see it everyday and learn from it. We can sing and dance while pointing on those pictures and gradually learn. Fortunately, my husband went to the library and surprise! He found them. Hehe I was so happy when he showed me those posters he bought because it’s the same on what I’ve been looking for. I’ve found some in an online shop but not the same as that.

I’m happy that my cheekies are enjoying in learning alphabet, colors and numbers. They loving it. Even Daddy always sing the alphabet song. Hehe


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Flamingo night


My flamingo on a Tuesday night.

Can’t sleep so I grabbed my sketchbook and pen. Tried to draw a hen on my first attempt but it feels so wrong so I think again.

Then, there’s this urge to draw a flamingo. Never made it before but i decided to give it a go.

So here it is, the result of ‘can’t sleep’. My flamingo on a Tuesday night.


‘Need sleep?’

Tonight, since I can’t sleep I’ll talk about baby’s nap and sleeping hours. For those Mums out there, how long does your little ones sleep during the day and night? Do they sleep all through the night or keeps waking up like twice or thrice or more than that?

I’ll tell you mine.

With our two lovely cheekies, I always make sure that they take a nap during the day and I want a two hour nap. Yeah, they take a nap everyday but not that long. It’s always a 30 minute nap or an hour. They rarely sleep for two hours and if they do, that will be an achievement for us. 😁

When it comes to night time, they don’t sleep all through the night. They still wake up like twice or thrice (or more than that) for feed or nibble and go back to sleep (by the way, I am still breastfeeding my two cheekies, 22 months and 11 months). I know maybe because they’re still breastfeesing that’s why they keep waking up. Even if I let them eat so much during the day and let them play all day as well so they’ll get tired and hoping that they will have a good night sleep. But I was wrong 😁. They love waking up and checking on mummy and daddy. Cheeky.

I just can’t wait for them to grow where they will start to sleep all through the night for like 10 hours. I miss that! 😁

Honestly, it’s fine for me, I don’t care if I don’t have enough sleep at night as long as my babies are happy and healthy. ♥


‘Little one will turn One’


As a Mum, I’m so proud of my little who’s started to take few steps without any support when she was 10 months old. Now that she’s 11 months, I am so happy seeing her walking around the house by her own, and chasing her big sister. 😁

That’s one of the big goals or milestones my little one accomplished before she will turn one. As far as I remember, she started to sit without support when she was 5-6 months of age and started to crawl when she was 6 months. I was surprised last time, two weeks before she turned 11 months. I was like talking to her, and I said the word dirty. Then out of nowhere, she copied me. She said ‘dirty’, twice. And I was like, staring at her, smiling for a minute then asked her to say it again. But then, she was just laughing at me,cheeky. 😁

I am so happy of my baby’s big accomplishment and her developments in each categories, the motor, language and emotional or social development. I know lots of babies do the same or some a bit late and that’s fine. Every baby is unique and spend different amount of time at each stage before going to the next stage. But if you notice that your little one is overly behind or late when it comes to development and it’s worrying you, just go to the GP to get your baby check.

Knowing and seeing my babies performing skills which are advance for their age and being healthy makes me happy and grateful, specially for my second little one.

It is because, I was taking pills for 4-5 months not knowing that I was pregnant with her. There’s no any signs of pregnancy. When we found that out, I was already 19 weeks, me and my husband can’t believe it at first, we were surprised, speechless, don’t know what to do, scared, worried, happy and feeling blessed. It was mixed emotions.

Time flies so fast. Now that she’s turning one in a month, I thank God that she’s normal, healthy and she’s really doing great despite of it (taking pills whilst being pregnant). Thank God for my two lovely healthy girls and for everything. X